Email Information e-mail
QS IT assigns all staff an e-mail address and Exchange mailbox upon creation of the individual's email account. e-mail address is an official communication from within and out of the company and is bound by QS IT Email Policy.

  • Email is Qatar Steelís official corporate mode of communication is to be treated as official memorandum when received from authorized source.
  • QATAR STEEL e-Mail services are provided by only the IT Department to the employees of QATAR STEEL whose own departments have approved e-Mail access for them.
  • Users with e-Mail access will be subject to all applicable QATAR STEEL laws regarding the usage of the e-Mail services.
  • Abusive e-Mail usage is totally prohibited. This includes but is not limited to: explicit content messages, abusive or threatening messages, improper personal messages, personal greetings, advertisements, none-business related messages and attachments, propagation of chain letters, e-Mail spamming.
  • Forged or anonymous electronic mail is strictly forbidden. All messages posted to other users or to news groups must identify the sender.
  • Any attempt to break into and/or access an account with no legitimate right to use, is prohibited.
  • Any attempt to infect other systems with computer virus or worm attacks.
  • Any attempt to access and/or modify files or records belonging to another user without the explicit permission to do so is prohibited.
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